The Nibble Story

Nibble was launched in 2021 to make influencer marketing simple and quick for restaurants and influencers.

May 2015

A passionate foodie with a love for burgers

Our story starts with Michael, a passionate foodie. He started an Instagram account reviewing the London restaurants he loved. As his followers grew, PR agencies and restaurants started asking him to collaborate with them.

Like most micro-influencers, Michael had a full time job. His spare time was spent on content creation and social media engagement.

May 2020

A frustrated influencer

Each week he’d go back and forth between PR agencies and restaurants trying to arrange colaborations. He’d sift through emails, DMs and his spam folders waiting all week for booking confirmations. Then end up double booked and have to cancel. He’d turn up at restaurants that weren’t expecting him. Or they didn’t know what he’d been offered. Awkward.

Influencers in his network were all saying the same thing. They wanted to work with restaurants, restaurants wanted to work with them. Why was it so hard?

Influencer marketing was broken.

January 2021

Enter Jamie

Michael talked to his friend Jamie about it and, together, they knew they could fix it. Jamie built a simple app to manage influencer bookings and communication quickly and easily.

Influencers loved it and wanted to sign up. Michael & Jamie felt confident that they had made things easier for influencers. But what about restaurants?

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December 2021

Restaurants love it too

Happily, when they started talking to restaurants they found that they were solving problems for them too. Nibble not only helped restaurants collaborate easily with influencers, but gave them a cheaper and more measurable marketing channel.

May 2022

Growing fast

In 2022 Nibble successfully raised funds to take us to the next level. We were joined by the awesome Dan Scott bringing his tech magic to the app and are growing the team. New influencers and restaurants signing up everyday and we’re busy working on our roadmap of features.

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