Restaurant Marketing Is Changing - Here's Why You Need Micro Influencers

Wednesday, 21st April 2021

2 min read

Food influencer taking picture of doughnut

Photo Credit: Callie Morgan

You’re reading this article because you know that restaurant marketing is changing. And for the better!

No one want’s a flyer. And online advertising has become so expensive that it’s no longer a viable channel.

That’s where influencers come in. Their followers are your future customers. But only as long as their followers match your brand’s target audience.

Now some more terminology you may or may not be familiar with. That is macro and micro influencers.

A micro influencer is a person who has a following on social media (anywhere from 1,000-100,000 followers).That may sound fairly small to some of you, but it’s all about engagement rates. Which is nearly always much higher than their macro counterparts. (100,000+). That’s why Micro influencers are quickly becoming the new “it” thing in advertising and marketing, not just in restaurants.

But with around 25,000 followers on average, how will they drive as many sales?

Because they have a more focused audience in line with your brand. Their followers are targeted to your restaurant’s target demographic, and they’re more likely to be engaged with the content. Plus, you only have to pay them in burgers! (Or whatever product you sell).

But you can’t just go with the any old influencer you see on insta, because A) they might have a load of fake followers and B) they’re unlikely to match your brand. You need to know how much influence each person has and make sure it’s the right match for your business. You also want someone who’s audience fits in line with your restaurant demographic for authenticity. Basically so they’re speaking about things that interest them and to people with similar interests.

So say you’ve found an amazing influencer who matches your brand. Why stop there? With Nibble, you just list what you want to promote (a listing). Then you sit back and let the influencers come to you! This means you’re totally in control because you’ve approved each one. But you’ve also able to have multiple influencers all promoting your brand/products at once. Meaning your future customers are seeing you everywhere they look and you stay front of mind when it comes time to choose where to go for dinner.

More and more restaurants are moving to use micro influencers (via Nibble) as a way to market their business. The advantages of micro influencers and Nibble is that those influencers coming to you are far more likely to have a genuine affinity for for you and your brand. This makes sense, because the big macro influencers need to follow the pay-check, but the micro influencer is doing it to try your food for free!

This is why micro influencers are your best bet for restaurants and food businesses. And why Nibble is the tool to help you find them.

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